hi, i’m hannah


I’m passionate about helping others make sense of data.

Day to day, you can find me building data cleaning pipelines, designing clear visualizations, holding workshops, or working to transform a client’s business questions into an insightful application. With a strong background in geospatial technology, I’m happiest any time I get to look at data with lats and longs.


I’m working at Plotly as a Technical Project Lead. In this role, I work with clients to leverage the Dash framework and Python ecosystem to build full-stack data applications. Project highlights include building an image segmentation interface to help scientists understand the molecular structure of matter, and developing new visualization capabilities in Plotly’s JavaScript graphing library to support the work of electric vehicle engineers.


My past work experience sits in the humanitarian and non-profit sectors, where I worked to improve how data could be used to anticipate humanitarian emergencies and improve government transparency. I was a Data Scientist at MapAction (and seconded to the UN’s Centre for Humanitarian Data), and an Open Data Analyst at OpenNorth.

I have a MSc in Spatial Data Science and Visualization from UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and a BA in Urban Geography from McGill University.

If it involves maps or boats, I’m there.

Download my CV, or check out my Linkedin, Twitter, or Github.