hi, i'm hannah


I am interested in exploring the ways that (geospatial) data can contribute to making cities, towns, and communities more equitable and sustainable. I am particularly fascinated by the applications of non-traditional data sources, such as those from crowdsourcing projects or social media platforms.


I am working as a Humanitarian Data Scientist at MapAction. In this role, I am contributing to efforts to improve information management during humanitarian crises. Within the Predictive Analytics Team at the UN OCHA’s Centre for Humanitarian Data, I am also working to create and validate predictive models that can enable early response to crises.


I have recently completed my MSc in Spatial Data Science and Visualization at UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Through my dissertation, I investigated data maintenance practices in OpenStreetMap, following humanitarian mapping campaigns. This work was conducted with support from Médecins Sans Frontières UK to support the Missing Maps project.

I previously worked in the non-profit sector at OpenNorth as an Open Data Analyst. In this role I worked on various projects to improve data literacy in government, both in Canada and abroad (in Ukraine). Specifically, I worked with stakeholders to improve data management during online and offline public consultations, and within homelessness service providers.

My undergraduate degree is in urban geography, which I studied at McGill University in Montreal. I completed an Honours Thesis on local perceptions of Montreal’s built environment under the supervision of Dr. Renee Sieber and Dr. Raja Sengupta. While at McGill, I was heavily involved with the competitive sailing team and the Open Mapping Group of McGill.

If it involves maps or boats, I’m there.

You can find more details about me on Linkedin, Twitter, and Github. Or take a look at my CV

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